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Forms and Documents

Roundtable Presentation Slides: August 2017

17 Boy Scout Fall Camporee Flyer

2017 Boy Scout Spring Camporee Info

2017 Cub Scout Fall Camporee Packet

2017 PEW Crew Flyer

American Indian Culture: Appendix-A: NOAC American Indian Dance Judging Sheets

American Indian Culture: Chapter 1: A Brief History of American Indians in Minnesota

American Indian Culture: Chapter 2: The Modern Pow-wow

American Indian Culture: Chapter 3-1: Outfits: Northern Traditional

American Indian Culture: Chapter 3-2: Outfits: Grass Dance

American Indian Culture: Chapter 3-3: Outfits: Fancy Dance

American Indian Culture: Chapter 4-1: Buckskin Warshirts

American Indian Culture: Chapter 4-2: Ribbon Shirts

American Indian Culture: Chapter 4-3: Tipi Basics

American Indian Culture: Chapter 5: Local American Indian Interviews

American Indian Culture: How to Make a Porcupine Hair Roach

Annual Health and Medical Record

External link to 'Annual Health and Medical Record' page.

April 2017 OA Newsletter

BALOO Announcement PDF

Boy Scout Fall Camporee 2017 Information

Chapter Newsletter - November 2017

Cub Scout Roundtable Handout: Social Media Guidelines Overview

January 18 Wilderness First Aid

Jumpstart for New Arrowmen

External link to, content Scouts recently inducted into Order of the Arrow.

May 2017 OA Newsletter

November Roundtable slides 17

October Roundtable slides 17

Roundtable Presentation May 2017

Roundtable Presentation Slides: April 2017

Roundtable Presentation Slides: February 2017

Roundtable Presentation Slides: March 2017

Scout Day at Valley Fair Link

September Roundtable slides

Six Boy Scout Knots and Lashing

SM/ASM training Flyer Fall 17

Totanhan Nakaha Lodge

External link to the Totanhan Nakaha Lodge website,

Totanhan Nakaha Lodge 16: Feather and Pin Recognition System

PDF explaining award system designed to recognize those youth and adults that have given service to their Chapter or Lodge activities and functions.