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Fall Day Camp is a half-day program for your Cub Scouts and family. This is the perfect event for your new Cub Scout after signing up during School Night for Scouting.

What Happens at Fall Day Camp?

Fall Day Camp is full of fun activities. You have the option to shoot BB guns and archery, jump in a bouncy house or giant blow up pillow, make a tie-dye shirt, play games and much more! The program follows an open house format so you can spend as much or as little time at each station as you would like!

Where is Fall Day Camp?

Fall Day Camp is held at 5 different locations: Kiwanis Scout Camp (Stillwater area), Phillippo Scout Reservation (Cannon Falls, MN), Stearns Scout Camp (St. Cloud area), Base Camp (Fort Snelling), and Rum River Scout Camp (Ramsey, MN). Location changes each weekend so check the registration site for more details!

Who Can Attend?

All Cub Scouts can attend Fall Day Camp along with their parents, siblings, other family, and friends! This event is all about getting as many of your friends out to camp as possible to have a great time and see what Cub Scout Camp is all about!

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up is online and easy to use. Many Packs will have sign ups through their Pack Leaders, so make sure to check with them to learn more. We reccomened that you all register together!

How Do I Get More Information?

More information is just a couple clicks away. The following links will have everything you need to get out to our wonderful council camps!

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About Fall Day Camp

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