2018 Scouting for Food

Serving Our Communities

This year's Scouting for Food Drive is quickly approaching. This event is our Council's largest service project to the community and provides over 130,000 pounds of food to local food shelves. Here are some things to keep in mind as we enter the Scouting for Food Season.

When and Where do I get Door Hangers?

Door hangers will be distributed at your District's March and April Roundtables. You should start to receive information from your District's Scouting for Food Chair at the meetings leading up to these Roundtables with directions.

When is Scouting for Food?

We recommend working around the last Saturday in April. But many Districts and communities have other dates near this time that work better for them. The door hangers do not reference a date, but say you will return the following Saturday. So as long as everyone in your District and unit are working together and communicating, most any weekends will work.

What Else Can Be Collected?

Scouting for Food can collect more than just food. It is a drive for non-perishable items and could also include toiletries. Another common gift to Scouting for Food is money. Anything collected (food, toiletries, money, etc.) should be tracked and turned in at your local food shelf.

What To Do After Scouting For Food?

Each unit will receive a post card to report your results on. This card should be turned back into your Scouting For Food Chair. During Scouting for Food you should track the pounds of food you collect, the number of scouts and adults helping, and the number of hours you worked. This is all collected by the Council and reported to the community.

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2018 Scouting for Food

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