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Are “ewe” over 15 years old and want to go to the state fair for “sheep?” 

Come help clean the sheep barn at the Minnesota State fairgrounds. on Thursday, August 31st at 5PM! Feel free to bring the whole “Flock” along and “wool” have tons of fun. All eligible participants will receive a free ticket to the fair for your “shear” enjoyment! That doesn’t sound like a “Ba-a-a-a-a-d” deal to me! This OA fundraiser is a long standing tradition and we would grateful for your support. 

Sign up on Facebook OR contact: 

Gene Kimball at / 763-670-8866 

Mike Moen at 612-889-3779 

Ryan McPherson 612-481-8212 

Jody Kimball at / 612-483-3452

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